Welcome to "A Taste of Ayurveda"

Food is sexy. Right!? I mean come on it sizzles, and crackles, it makes you mouth water, and you might even dream about it.

Did you know that food can actually be considered medicine!?


It’s pretty rad. I know, I know… sexy fun things don’t typically equate to medicine. But that is a large component of why Ayurveda rocks. You get to eat your medicine and actually enjoy it too. Ayurveda is a way for people to balance their minds and bodies from an individualistic perspective and nothing gets more individualized than eating habits and preferences.

The best part? Ayurveda isn’t a diet fad or a set of strict rules. It is a way to learn to eat to your individualized digestive ability, and the cool thing (or sometimes overwhelming thing) is that need can change daily, weekly, or seasonally.

I’m guessing you have TONS of questions. What does that mean to eat seasonally? How do I figure out my digestive ability? This sounds like a lot of work; how do I not get overwhelmed? And most importantly… can I still have cookies?  

This new series “A Taste of Ayurveda” will go into what Digestive Fire (Agni) is and why we care. The series will include review of the six different tastes of foods and how they impact the body. Your body talks to you via cravings and these six tastes will help you understand what is occurring in the physiology. Learn about how a single bite of food has several phases: pre-digestion, taste, post-digestion, and sometimes even “magical”. And then last of all some helpful tips, resources and lessons learned for how to apply this awesome knowledge.

Spoilers, you can still have cookies.

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