Welcome to the Herbs of Harry Potter

“You’re a wizard Harry”

Seriously. Chills down my back every time I re-read those words spoken by Hagrid to a young Harry Potter. I grew up with Harry and the gang, and quite frankly the day the last movie came out was a heart breaking one for me. It truly felt like my childhood was over. Sure, sure there are lots of other spin off movies and books, but the core Harry Potter books was my childhood and the movies elongated that childlike wonder.

Years later I joke that I had a quarter life crisis. Yep. Age 25 I realized the Public Health job I had was super helpful for paying the bills. However, my inner child was less than thrilled with being put into permanent hibernation status. Don’t get me wrong, paying the bills and making sure there is enough cookies in the cabinet are important things in life. But they shouldn’t BE life. I eventually learned that there is a difference between having a job and living your life path (also known in Sanskrit as Dharma).

When you find your Dharma your inner child still gets to be out front and center. Not hidden away in a Harry Potter-esq nook under the stairs. The fun part of letting your inner child be in charge of your adulty sides of life, is that creative things come to light that you look forward to learning about and implementing. Dharma means that you will still have tough days, but they seem more like play rather than a chore.

My personal dharma includes Herbalism, Ayurveda, and Shamanism. My inner child poked at my inner book nerd and my herbalist heart and said …. You know, we could combine forces and make something great. The product of their genius think tank was to ponder about all those fantastical herbs mentioned in the Harry Potter books.

So please come back and enjoy this new series called The Herbs of Harry Potter. I’ll be diving into the herbs that the Hogwarts mischief makers encounter and how they might be used in a Muggle world.