Voyage KC Interviews Kelsey Gordon


Meet Kelsey, the Owner of Vedasaurus

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Marma Therapy Introduction with Kelsey Gordon


An introduction to marma therapy, its correlation with acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, and energy. The benefits of marma and the ease of integrating marma therapy into your lifestyle and routine. Maria Martinez is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Quantum Energy Alchemist, Human Potential Activator, Mindfulness Coach and Yogi. Kelsey Gordon is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Western Herbalist, Shamanic Healer Yogi and author.

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Vedasaurus In The News!


Vedasaurus owner, Kelsey Gordon was interviewed by KSNT (Local Topeka, KS New Station) in regards to being a "Choose Topeka" recipient and how she has started Vedasaurus and published two books!

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Divine Human PodCast hosted by Maria Martinez


Enjoy a warm, loving episode with Kelsey Gordon, owner of Vedasaurus. Her journey, training and expertise is in public health, herbalism, spiritual readings, shamanic herbology and Ayurveda. She shares wonderful tea recipes to bring in more love, release stress and anxiety and bring peace and calm during the holidays.

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The Old Soul Millennial Podcast hosted by Kristen Kennedy Smith


Holistic health and wellness has so many traditions, theories, and uses when it comes to herbalism. On this week's episode we interviewed Kelsey Gordon regarding her knowledge, experience, and expertise with herbalism from both Eastern and Western theories and approaches. This episode is a casual conversation that just barely touches the surface of this vast and fascinating topic.

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