King of All That The Light Touches (Sun)

This article series is a fun personification of the Grahas (Heavenly Bodies) used in Jyotish (Eastern/Indian Astrology). These stories are my own invention as a way to bring the Grahas to life based of the Graha representations and characteristics found in the book "Light on Life; An Introduction to the Astrology of India" by hart de Fouw & Robert Svoboda. The Grahas themselves are a powerful part of any Jyotish read. Where they are placed within the chart and how they interact with the other Grahas helps the Jyotish practitioner craft the story the chart is telling them about their client. Each Graha can represent so many different aspects of a lifetime that having a story helps you to connect to the story telling. Grahas can represent types of clothing, age of maturation, career choices, colors, personality types, sex, psychology and so much more! These representations are called out by the underlined words. 

My darling loyal subject! My dearest one, please come perambulate with me around my territory. Before we start though, let me formally introduce myself – though I am sure you don’t need any introduction since you must know who I am [egotism]. 

I, Surya, am the ruler of these lands. I am Emperor of these United States, Protector of Mexico, Prince of Canada, and Regal Resident of Sun … I mean San Francisco. I lead with a kind and benevolent authority Some even think of me as a Father figure. I may be of average height, but people look upward to glance at me. 

Now my dearest subject, you’ll burn to a crisp in this Summer heat. We can’t have you overheating and feeling feverish! Come with me into my “office”. I am a man of the people and of my realm. I roam the town, enjoying the view of these magnificent buildings, governmental offices, skyscrapers [towers], and town halls. These are my palaces. My temples are all the open areas

Come my lady, let’s take you to the fruit trees. The Troops and I (gestures vaguely to the pack of dogs loyal only to him) spend our time smelling the aromatic herbal perfume that grows here. These sun-kissed herbal wonders naturally blending together make the finest wine more uncommon than rare liqueur. The nose and the eyes delight on the sensory grandeur of orange, cedar, and almond. Mixing in the subtle colorful bounty of chamomile, rosemary, nutmeg, saffron and cardamom. It gives me much pleasure to preside over all this vegetative matter

I know, I know It may seem a bit pompous … but so what?! I am fiercely proud of my kingdom! Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, my dear subject, but I think we can all agree this beauty is magnificent. 

Ahhh! The Troops must be rallied! Goodness me, I may be King, but I can’t dally as if I have all day and night! You simply must accompany myself and my four-legged friends to the clinic that I so generously prompted to be created. To rule thusly, one must give people a fixed and steady look. Remind those with the money that they have a duty to man kind and stare them down. And if that doesn’t persuade them, punishment works. 

Here we are, Nurse meet Subject. Lady Subject meet Nurse. Nurse is in charge of our dear clinic here. We specialize in all things “The Head”. Eye Disease, Dental Issues, and Neuralgia. Basically, if it’s above the collarbone, we conquer it here. 

Now the Troops and I shall endeavor out here. My four-legged friends are not allowed in the clinic. Something to do with hygiene. We shall sit out here basking in the sun, enjoying the view of all the majestic trees

Lady Subject – welcome back! Did you enjoy the tour with Nurse? Great! Our eastern circuit around my realms continue. Whilst waiting out here in the sun, this large yellow flower caught my eye and I thought it would suit you! 

Let us grab a snack, get what your heart desires. I myself shall enjoy something bitter, it is my favorite taste. Yes, I believe a medicinal herbal tea will suit me just fine. 

My Lady, are you familiar with the Troops? I realize they have been escorting us all day, but I have not made the proper introductions. These hounds come from my city and are the most loyal of subjects. I preside and rule over them, and they in turn keep me safe. Please meet Leo my number one man! 

Well, the Troops are fed, I have consumed my beverage! Shall we go… what?! What do you mean you are tired? My Dear, I don’t mean to be cruel, but any high-class partner of mine should be able to spend the day with me as I rule. Is this self-centered of me? Maybe. But with power comes sacrifice. 

Feet first!  I always say. It is how I was born. It is how I stay one with the people. I always walk a mere medium distance about 4-8 miles a day. I make a quadrangle around my city. And if you don’t like that well…. Maybe you could stand to lose a few titles, my Lady. [Punishment as persuasion tactic]

So, you will come? Oh! I am delighted. Good If my thin body and these bones I rule over can get around, surely it will be of no further discomfort for you. I may be an old man of 50, but my mind is as creative as a lad of 22. I am a Pitta living my fiery individuality to the benefit of my people. 

Let’s see my humblest of subjects; the liars, the destitute, those with gambling problems, and fraud abusers. To the homeless shelters we go! It is important that the people of the realm regardless of their station in life, is known to me. My dearest Lady, you might be interested to know that metal and wool workers live nearby. Perhaps we can pick you up a garnet or ruby set in a ringlet of copper or gold! That will make up for the long walk! 

Well Dearest One, the Sun is setting, and I would endeavor to enjoy the dark reds and oranges of the sunset. I bid you adieu adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow. You should be heading home! The Troops and I will take my coarse and thick cape [clothes] in hand and find a place to bunker for the night. Thank you for the day my Dear.