Meet Mercury - Google's Competitor

This article series is a playful archetypal way to get to know the Grahas (Planetary Bodies) of Jyotish (Indian Astrology) read the “Meet the Grahas” article for more information! 

Memo From the Desk of Green Triangle Vice President 

[This memo is in effect for the Autumn Season (September 20 – November 19)

Watch out Google, Bing, and all other search engine companies! 

I am the Vice President (aka Prince) of the new search engine “Green Triangle” 

Our Motto: Communication. Intellect. Skills   

We are the new down to Earth search engine company. 

Designed tridoshically or more simply put, everyone can use us. Our business is the trade of searchable information. 

We are like the nervous system of cyber space and our search bar is our skin

Google is like our maternal uncle, but everyone was ready for something new. It was an easy birth and though we have only been here for a short time. Big waves are happening! 

We are diplomatically changing the world and removing our competitors from the communications arena

For all you hipsters out there, we have acquisitioned all those antiquated forms of communication. Yes. All post offices, telegraph stations, publishers, bookstores, and libraries are now under the Green Triangle company. 

Any public assemblies or sporting events must be approved by us. 

People keep commenting on our aloofness, our detachment, and amorality with all these acquisitions. We just think it is the rational, shrewd, and clever approach. I guess it all depends on who you are around. Some may argue this is positive and others may argue this is negative 

[Mercury’s nature is benefic when around benefic grahas, but it is malefic when around malefics

Green Triangle started 32 years ago. Though we’ve matured as a company, we still have a youthful demeaner. We upgrade about every 14 years.  

Green Triangle is the parent company to two main areas of activity

Both facilities [clothes] are immaculate and clean

Headquarters 1: The Virgo facility. Where we house the Earthy Matters. 

The front entrance has peridot and green tourmaline features. 

This is where we grow flowers, food, and fruitless trees. Inclusive in our inventory is mung beans, edible plants, roots, spices (especially carrots, parsnips, okra, and nectarines)

The Virgo facility also has the hybrid food section. Have you tried a grapple or a tangelo!? You should! 

The Virgo building smells wonderful with so many varied flavors scenting the air! 

Headquarters 2: The Gemini facility. This facility is north and a medium distance [4-8 miles] the way the birds fly from the Virgo facility. Green Triangle loves birds as much as all the living beings we preside over

This facility is a bit newer with logs of brass and emerald designs in is front entry. This is the headquarters for all professions relating to the mind and speech

We have three divisions. 

  • The student division includes learning, teaching, study and playgrounds. There is also a special subset set aside for sacred knowledge.
  • The communications and numbers division includes accounting, astrology, poetry, speech writing, and administration.    
  • Then there is the Unsavory and Trickery division. This includes the fraudsters, plagiarizers, and counterfeiters. We also have the con-actors (people who need a fake priest or official)

 Like any good corporation we don’t associate with any gender. 

And we know our strengths – cerebral, academic, intellectual pursuits. 

We also know our weaknesses – the arts. This is why Green Triangle is in pursuit of partnerships with artisans of all types.   

Last thought for this memo: Green Triangle is contemplating changing its name to Budha. It’s a Sanskrit term that also means Mercury. But we don’t want to shoot ourselves in the hip? As our employees what do you think?