The Elegant Geisha (Venus)

Meet Venus (Shukra) – The Geisha

This article series is a playful archetypal way to get to know the Grahas (Planetary Bodies) of Jyotish (Indian Astrology) read the “Meet the Grahas” article for more information! 


A Day in the Life of a Southeast Kyoto Geisha 

Spring 1923 

This afternoon I wake to the sound of my two birds – chirp, chirp, chirp – their names are Taurus and Libra

It is a wet and heavy day, and the body responds accordingly. My maid makes me a sour apple tea which I sip while reviewing the newest in fashion, art, and sensuality. For you see, I am the personification of desire and yearning. A lover, a courtesan, the easy-going, accommodating partner. I am the ideal feminine archetype. 

Women want to be me, and men want to be seen with me. It takes a lot of work and activity to be an exotic, affectionate, friendly, sociable, graceful, and desirable woman. I spend my afternoons reading up on the arts, reading fine poetry, and keeping up with the latest dance crazes. I am a good counselor too. 

Bet you didn’t think of me in an advisor capacity. But who better than me? I am an innocent plaything with no other stakes in the political world. I keep up with all politics, religions, and philosophical thoughts. I become the perfect white canvas. I am as water to these powerful men. I am as a cool refreshing reflecting pond, a break from their dull reality. I rule these two-legged creatures with such seeming ease. 

(Or at least that’s what they choose to believe). 

This life was thrust upon me when I was 16 years old. Men always saw me as desirable, beautiful and as a ruler of all things reproductive. I see how I could have easily coasted on my beauty or heaven forbid I could have become similar to so many other fellow Geisha. They don’t realize the effort one must make for this type of harmony, and balance. Many of these girls seem to think it is all just exotic and juicy fruits, flowers, perfumes, candy, and liquor. 

Although I must admit I am quite fond of these ‘perks’ to the job. 

One most learn to be a creature above the world, and not become corrupted by it. The laziness, corruption, vanity, and greed are the downfall of several beautiful women in my position. The men we entertain want a perfect spouse, pleasurable company, and arm candy for at places of amusement.  Places of pleasure are also places of vice, the bedroom, brothels, dance and music halls and of course, the theatre. No man wants a clingy romance with a partner who might be seen as greedy or as a liability to his social status. 

The Geisha who will fail were easy to spot out in the crowd. They have lost their luster or are sexually unresponsive. One might even hear rumors around town of infected genitalia or sexual perversion! 

Thank goodness I am naturally benefic. Even my mother said so! She had an easy birth. I am grateful for my grounding Kapha energy combined with my Vata creativity. It makes this Geisha life feel effortless to me. Well as stated, not effortless, but I enjoy this life and therefore it doesn’t seem like work. 

I glance sideways at the clock and realize how late it is getting! I water my flowers, spritz some white lotus Fragrance, and adorn myself with white sapphire, silver, and diamonds

Tonight, I am meeting the General at the art gallery opening!