The Football Coach (Mars)

Meet Mars (Mangala) – The Football Coach 

This article series is a playful archetypal way to get to know the Grahas (Planetary Bodies) of Jyotish (Indian Astrology) read the “Meet the Grahas” article for more information! 


Location: Football Locker Room 

Time: Half Time of the Pre-Season Game 

Who: The Coach of the Mangala Team 

I came into this world feet first! I’ve been running all my life. But I have always looked upwards and known just how far this warrior energy could take me. I’m short and thin but damnit I am ALL PASSION

When my younger siblings and I set our sights on buying this football team we knew it was crazy. For us it was financially “all or nothing”. All the talking heads said we were hasty, irritable, and impatient.  We said they were inconsistent and lacking in drive. Ah heck, what matters is this is the spirit of American football to the core. 

We are doing the impossible. It takes courage to sink your last dollar into an unknown team days before pre-season. And here we are…. Ready to prove everybody wrong. 

I am your coach. Your Commander in Chief. When you wear that bright red jersey on your chest, I want you to FEEL the victory. Feel it deep in your muscles. Let it sink straight to the bone marrow

Gentlemen *gestures to the side of the locker room* do you see that hourglass? It is almost done. Set your sights on the south end of the stadium. It’s just a medium distance. Get us the win! 

Because… if you don’t, you’ll be off this team. I found you men all across the blue-collar parts of our country. I found you in military barracks. I took you from your father’s butcher shops and garages. You were found while you were wrestling, boxing, and hell…. Even bar fighting. You are now a team. We will make the other side TASTE THE PUGNENT SMELL OF DEFEAT. 

I don’t care that it is summer and the pre-season. I don’t care that we are untried, it will make our win that much better. You need to use this underdog fire. Use the anger of being blue collar and low class and take it out on the other team. Your power and strength are your assets. USE THEM. 

As little boys you all dreamt of this moment. Now as young adults make this dream LIVE. 

We are team Mangala. The ONLY NFL team with two mascots – The Scorpios and The Aries

We have strength. We have courage. We have passion. Your vim and vigor show it all. We have overcome tamas (inertia). 

Today we win the new pre-season trophy with all its Bloodstone and Copper. Tonight, there will be red flowers decorating the barbeque tonight.  There will be meat, booze, and stimulants. They are all waiting for the WINNERS of this game. GO TAKE THAT WIN.